So I mentioned in the first post that this blog isn’t really about me. I’m a 1/2 cataloger 1/2 processing archivist (which is basically the worst mythological creature ever) at Milner Library, Illinois State University. I’m a very boring person. I even recycled that joke from the first post, word for word.

I spend about two days a week of my time on archival processing, two days on cataloging, and the remaining day or so on scholarship and service (I’m tenure track at an academic library, all three are required).

My scholarship focuses on metadata in library catalogs, and how archives can use it to improve discoverability. You can see things I’ve written on the Illinois State University IR.

My service focuses on diversity and inclusion, although other areas creep in (and that’s generally a good thing). It’s the nature of being faculty at a university. I do some work with the LGBTQ+ Institute at ISU. I also do what I can with Midwest Archives Conference (MAC) and Society of American Archivists (SAA).

Like I said, very boring person. If you would like to contact me my email is emwille@ilstu.edu

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